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My campaign was a success! With 100% of the precincts reporting in the race for the three full (four year) terms: Barbara Coler had 30.5%, John Reed had 30%, David Weinsoff 30.4% and Christopher Lang 8.8%.  Renee’ Goddard ran unopposed for the two year seat.  I am honored to have been elected by the citizens of Fairfax and pleased I will continue to serve our Town with my esteemed colleagues (Larry Bragman, John, Renee’ and David).

I am so grateful for the support I received from so many in the community and so many friends and family.  Your endorsements, campaign contributions, putting up campaign signs, volunteer efforts, guidance, kind words and good wishes are all sincerely appreciated. Thank you to all my supporters, friends, family and colleagues!

I have four major priorities for Fairfax:

Maintaining and Improving our Aging Infrastructure – We can achieve this goal by implementing critical disaster and other hazard mitigation projects in the near term.  Ensuring we have adequate lighting, roads, pedestrian walkways and other projects conducted which may pose safety concerns for our residents.  We must proactively plan for the future by identifying needed public works projects, funding and grant opportunities. 

Protecting our Ridgelines and Open Space – Fairfax is defined by its vast open space and beautiful ridgelines.   We must protect our open space, our ridgelines, wildlife corridors, ecology and the visual landscape.  We must preserve and protect our biological and cultural resources.  We must prevent any development or construction on our ridgelines and open space or any projects which could mar or otherwise impact our visual landscape.  We will continue to acquire open space and preserve our existing open space for our Town. 

Living within our Budget – To do so, we will: seek opportunities to increase revenue while preserving our small town qualities by attracting businesses which complement and enhance existing businesses; identify and obtain grant funding; and increase revenue without overburdening residents. We should reduce revenue expenditures only when we are assured services will not be negatively impacted.  My highest priority is ensuring we achieve long term economic vitality and that we provide high quality, locally-controlled public services to all Fairfaxians.

Supporting and Enhancing our Environmental Sustainability Ethics – We can achieve this by preserving and acquiring open space, providing biking and adequate pedestrian trails and promoting other low carbon modes of transport (telecommuting, encouraging use of internet tools, buses and other non-single occupant commuting).  We must adopt a climate change plan and promote zero waste by living by our motto “reduce, recycle & reuse.”

My Vision for Fairfax - Working together we celebrate and embrace the diverse values and perspectives of our citizens by openness and transparency in our local government; we achieve economic vitality while preserving our small town character; we are leaders on social justice and environmental issues; we provide high quality, locally-controlled public services to all Fairfaxians; and we achieve environmental sustainability by acquiring, preserving and protecting our open space and ridgelines, leading on climate change, providing alternatives to single occupant vehicular travel, and ensuring all citizens of Fairfax are encouraged (and provided the means) to reduce, recycle and reuse to achieve zero waste. 




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Barbara Coler for Fairfax Town Council