I am honored to be endorsed by so many community leaders.  Please join others to offer your support by endorsing my campaign for the Fairfax Town Council (see signup below endorsement listings).  Remember to vote! Voting by mail begins in early October, the last day to vote is November 3rd!

Endorsements - 2020:

Elected Officials & Candidates:

  • Katie Rice, President, Marin County Supervisors, District 2
  • Renee Goddard, Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • Assemblymember Marc Levine
  • Larry Bragman, Director, Marin Municipal Water District & Former Fairfax Mayor
  • Peter Lacques, Former Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • Wendy Baker, Former Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • Susan Brandborg, Former Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • Mike Ghiringhelli, Former Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • John Reed, Councilmember and Former Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • Bruce Ackerman, Vice Mayor, Town of Fairfax
  • Niccolo Caldararo, Former Vice Mayor and Councilmember, Town of Fairfax
  • Damon Connolly, Marin County Supervisor, District 1
  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters, Marin County Supervisor – Elect, District 3
  • Dennis Rodoni, Marin County Supervisor, District 4
  • Judy Arnold, Marin County Supervisor, District 5
  • Denise Athas, Mayor, City of Novato
  • Sashi McIntee, Mayor, City of Mill Valley
  • Alice Fredericks, Mayor, Town of Tiburon
  • Sloan Bailey, Former Mayor, Town of Corte Madera
  • David Kunhardt, Vice Mayor, Town of Corte Madera
  • Kate Colin, Vice Mayor, City of San Rafael (Candidate for Mayor)
  • Brian Colbert, Vice Mayor, Town of San Anselmo
  • Stephen Burdo, Councilmember, Town of San Anselmo
  • Elizabeth Robbins, Councilmember & Former Mayor, Town of Ross
  • Joe Burns, Councilmember & Former Mayor, City of Sausalito
  • Vicki Nichols, Candidate, Sausalito City Council
  • Janet Garvin, Treasurer, Town of Fairfax
  • Marnie Glickman, Former Trustee, Miller Creek School District (formerly Dixie SD)
  • Jennifer Reinks, PhD, Board Member, Marin Healthcare District

Boards & Commissions:

  • Mimi Newton, Planning Commissioner, Town of Fairfax & Former Open Space Chair
  • Cindy Swift, Fairfax Planning Commissioner
  • Patrece Bryan, Fairfax Racial Equity Social Justice (RESJ) Committee
  • Jody Timms, Chair, Fairfax Age Friendly and Member, Commission on Aging
  • Michael Ardito, Town of Fairfax Open Space Committee
  • Jonathan Sicroff, Town of Fairfax Open Space Committee
  • Jonathan Braun, Co-Chair, San Anselmo Open Space Committee
  • Marcia Custer, Town of Fairfax Volunteers
  • Woolf Barnato, Town of Fairfax Volunteers
  • Geo Taylor, Chair, Town of Fairfax Volunteers
  • Lisel Blash, Fairfax Affordable Housing Committee and RESJ Committee
  • Scott Hochstrasser, Fairfax Affordable Housing Committee
  • Cassidy DeBaker, Fairfax Climate Action Committee
  • Jen Hammond, Fairfax Climate Action Committee
  • Susan Pascal Beran – Fairfax Artists Collaborative & Chair, Fairfax Open Space Committee
  • Ted Pugh, Fairfax Tree Committee
  • John Romaidis, Fairfax Tree Committee
  • Jane Richardson-Mack, Fairfax Tree Committee
  • Eric Kielich, Fairfax Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC)
  • Norma Fragoso, Fairfax Planning Commissioner
  • Shelby LaMotte, Former Fairfax Planning Commissioner

News Media:

  • Marin Independent Journal

Labor/Political/Non-Profits/Community Advocacy/Business:

  • Sierra Club
  • North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • Marin Democratic Central Committee (Marin Democrats, DCCM)
  • Marin Professional Firefighters Association L-1775
  • Ross Valley Firefighters Association
  • Marin Women’s Political Action Committee (MWPAC)
  • Fairfax Police Officers Association
  • California Democratic Party
  • Marin Association of Realtors
  • Jennifer Hammond, Board Member & Former ED, Sustainable Fairfax, Fairfax Resident
  • Todd Lando, Board Member, FireSafe Marin
  • Jean Berensmeier, Board Member, San Geronimo Valley Planning Group
  • Patty Garbarino, President, Marin Sanitary Service
  • Susan Goldsborough, Former ED, Families for Clean Air
  • Cynthia Abbott, Board Member, Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM)
  • Bruce Bagnoli, Board Chair, Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM)
  • Steven Tulsky, Board Member, Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM)
  • Bill Sims, Board Member, Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM) & Member, Marin Democrats (DCCM)
  • Michael Wolpert, Board Member, Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM)
  • Linda Novy, Board Member and Former President, Marin Conservation League, Fairfax Resident
  • Paul M. Cohen, Chair, Marin Democrats (DCCM)
  • Kris Organ, Treasurer, Marin Democrats (DCCM), Fairfax Resident
  • Dotty Lemieux, 1st Vice-Chair, Marin Democrats (DCCM), Fairfax Resident
  • Elizabeth Baker, Board Member, Sustainable Fairfax
  • Lynette Shaw, Marin Medical Alliance and Recreational Cannabis Delivery, Fairfax Resident

Community Members:

  • Janet Garvin, Treasurer, Town of Fairfax
  • Barbara Petty, Former Treasurer, Town of Fairfax
  • Ray Moritz, Arborist/Certified Forester, Fairfax Resident
  • Alexander Binik & Marilyn Gaynes, Fairfax Residents
  • Karen & Peter Arnold, Fairfax Residents
  • Patrece Bryan, Fairfax Resident
  • Tony Gardner, Fairfax Resident
  • Jason Brooks, Fairfax Resident
  • Holly Bragman, Fairfax Resident
  • Bob Kopelman, Former ED, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax Resident
  • David Smadbeck, Realtor, Fairfax Resident
  • Richard Pedemonte, Fmr. President, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax Resident
  • Scott & Dennise Carstensen, Fairfax Residents, Lefty Gomez’s Grandson
  • Michael St. John, Marin County Search and Rescue, Former Fairfax Resident
  • Eric Stromberg, Fairfax Resident
  • Michael Rosenthal, Fairfax Resident
  • Rich Rushton, Fairfax Business Owner & Fairfax Resident
  • Ken Hughes, Former Police Chief, Town of Fairfax
  • John & Signe Lando, Retired Chief, Kentfield Fire, Fairfax Residents
  • Jonathan & Anne-Marie Sicroff, Fairfax Residents
  • James Strock, Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency
  • John Sergeant, Fairfax Resident
  • Jim Allen, Fairfax Resident
  • Paul Maldonato, Fairfax Resident
  • Vic Revenko, San Rafael Resident
  • Jon Gelhaus, Curator of Entomology, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Donald G. Huggins, Director/Senior Scientist, Central Plains Center for Bioassessment

Titles used for identification purposes only. 

79 endorsements

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endorsed 2017-10-19 21:18:45 -0700
endorsed 2017-10-18 17:56:21 -0700
endorsed 2017-10-18 12:48:06 -0700
I have worked with Barbara in a professional capacity for many years and know her to be an extremely bright, capable and visionary individual of the highest integrity. She understands local government and the policy issues that drive it, and is adept at bringing people together to craft win-win solutions to difficult problems. I wish we had her on our city council!
endorsed 2017-10-18 11:03:07 -0700
endorsed 2017-10-18 10:37:00 -0700
Thank you for all you do. I so appreciate the smart, reasoned approach you take to the huge complexities of local government.
endorsed 2017-09-26 20:20:26 -0700
endorsed 2017-09-06 16:18:18 -0700
Please put me under “Community Members”.

Bob Kopelman, former Executive Director of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax Resident
endorsed 2017-09-02 22:28:45 -0700
endorsed 2017-09-02 11:50:01 -0700
endorsed 2017-08-30 20:21:13 -0700
Chief morin says you are the best and we need you to win.
endorsed 2017-08-25 14:08:40 -0700
endorsed 2017-08-23 18:48:51 -0700
endorsed 2017-08-23 14:19:52 -0700
Good luck! Craig Litwin told me how great you are regarding cannabis policy. I’m up that!! :)
endorsed 2017-08-23 11:13:10 -0700
dc_us endorsed 2017-08-23 09:02:33 -0700
Barbara Color consistently articulates reasonable positions. She is consistently on point. Fairfax is lucky to have her.
@dc_us tweeted link to this page. 2017-08-23 09:02:04 -0700
I'm endorsing Barbara Coler for Fairfax Town Council. Please join me! http://www.barbaracoler.org/endorse?recruiter_id=146
endorsed 2017-08-23 08:54:06 -0700
endorsed 2017-08-23 08:44:20 -0700
Barbara is an articulate, compassionate, and motivated councilmember. Her hard work helps Fairfax shine. Re-electing her would be a boon for the local community.
endorsed 2017-08-19 17:04:28 -0700
published this page 2017-08-03 13:12:22 -0700
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